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Chippower offers consulting services to help design power and signal integrity requirements at the board/card/system level for new equipment to meet cost reduction or other requirements on existing equipment.

Chippower personnel have worked with some of the largest chip and telecom manufacturers to address their changing and future power needs. Our staff has many years of experience in helping companies meet the requirements of new products and designing the optimum power configuration as well as signal layout. Our experience in working in highly complex power environments with leading telecom and data processing companies enables us to provide new insight into traditional and future power issues.

Some of the key areas of specialization we can offer consulting services include:

  • Assistance with existing and future power related issues
  • Design, prototype or product evaluation, design review(s) and design support
  • Design and rapid prototyping in power conversion
  • Design in power distribution and management
  • Thermal issues, cooling system and efficiencies
  • Signal Integrity
  • CO Grounding

Why Power Consulting Services?

Power forms an integral part of all product developments - without the proper design and implementation of power, products will not perform to their maximum and reliability issues arise. In today's fast paced technology evolution, power is becoming more important as higher levels and more complex power designs are required to drive the high functionality and dense circuitry applications. As a result both the direct and indirect costs of power as part of the product design are increasing - we can help you to optimize those costs, while ensuring your equipment can perform to its maximum.

Chippower can bring the expertise of many years in power design to the table to help you meet your needs, both in cost and performance. Our team has extensive experience in the telecom, datacom, computer, and aerospace sectors - and this expertise is available to help ensure your product meets the high standards of today's market.

Some of the benefits of using the Chippower team to address your specific needs are:

1. Cost effectivness

  • Team of experts available on as needed basis to address specific project power issues
  • Only pay for productive work no overhead
  • No need to recruit, train, maintain and supervise high cost talent
  • No infrastructure costs such as additional telephones, computers, printers, IT network, office space, lab and expensive lab equipment
  • Access to numerous power related sources

2. Operating efficiency

  • A turn-key solution including research, design and development capability
  • Office, laboratory, prototyping and complete manufacturing and testing capabilities as part of our service
  • Latest software tools for analysis, simulations and design
  • A clear mandate and schedule of deliverable which you control

3. Planning and scheduling

  • People are available based on your time line
  • 100% attention to your specific project needs

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