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Power Supply Architecture

Chippower has developed a proprietary advanced power supply architecture, which reduces power space on the board and provides high performance to meet the rapid evolution in telecom and data processing board architectures.

Based on customer requirements, board and card topology for telecom and computer equipment has evolved into extremely dense circuitry requiring an increasing amount of power. Existing technology is trying to meet this demand by adding more power modules, which in turn require more space on the board. Chippower's patented technology substantially reduces the power space occupied on the board while providing the high level of power and performance needed today and for the forseeable future.

Zinc-Air Fuel Cell Power Supply

Chippower’s zinc-air fuel cell power supply uses the latest innovation in zinc-air fuel cell technology. The power supply provides high power and high energy with no emissions and no pollutants. This environmentally-friendly power supply can be used indoors and outside. It is lightweight, clean, safe to transport, long lasting, reusable, and refuels quickly.

Chippower’s zinc-air fuel cell power supply can be used in many applications, including military.



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