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Chippower technology is specifically designed for high performance, high power need applications. In telecom and data processing applications, Chippower's conversion products are designed to meet low voltage (1.5V or less); high current ( 20A to 200A) needs for DC power. For the increasingly dense board applications Chippower's products can reduce the space occupied by power modules by up to 75%.

For telecom applications, space reductions coupled with the provision of high power, is the number one need in product design. Telecom manufacturers are increasing the density of digital circuitry on their equipment boards thereby requiring more power. This in turn is causing power modules in the current ½ brick and ¼ brick sizing to occupy 40% or more of the board space. Chippower's technology of 1/16th brick substantially reduces the space requirement while continuing to meet the increasing power needs of high current.

The data processing market is evolving to higher speed processors and multiple processor equipment. Performance and space of power solutions are the key problems this market faces. Chippower's fast response time technology, 100 times faster than competitors, provides the power response to meet the needs of multiple gigabit processors without decoupling capacitors and their associated problems . The data processing market is driving for more compact equipment, such as blade servers, to meet the customer requirements of space reduction. Chippower's technology can satisfy this need enabling much denser board configurations with reduced heat dissipation.

Key Applications:

  • Optical Networks
  • GHz+ Microprocessors
  • Network Processors
  • Storage Area Networks
  • Routers
  • Aviation and Aerospace
  • Medical


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